At DGG we focus on creating trend setting, fashion forward
ranges to delight the discerning owner and their precious
pooch. We use high quality, premium fabric for soft every-day
wear and durability which make for easy care and washability.
Our styles and sizing reflect the needs of a wide variety of
breeds including puppies and older dogs. Fun, innovative and
non restrictive designs at an affordable price!


Does your furry friend love to be comfortable, snug & warm at all times?
These unique DGG Warmies are super soft & will keep your pooch toasty warm
all over. The great fit allows for freedom of movement for play, sleep & trips to
the bathroom. Your fluffy pals will love their Warmie!

Benefits of a DGG Warmie:

Keeps pooch toasty warm all over
Super soft comfort for play or sleep
Allows freedom of movement
Will not inhibit toileting
Easy care and long wearing
Keeps inactive or older pooches warm
Spine & back are covered to assist with aches & pains
Super practical comfort for dogs of all ages
Fussy freezing friends love their warmies!

Your pooch will love this super light, toasty warm DGG Wrapper!
With velcro straps that makes it easy to put on and take off, and a
warm polar fleece lining, this coat gives your pooch street smart style,
warmth, comfort and ease of movement.

Benefits of a DGG Wrapper:

Water resistant against the elements
Keeps pooch toasty warm with a polar fleece lining
Easy to put on and take off with velcro tabs
Allows complete freedom of movement
Super comfortable, easy-care fit
Casual and cool for outdoor wear
Polar fleece lined for warmth and comfort

Soft, snuggly and extremely fashionable. Your pooch will be the
talk of the town in their stylish doggone gorgeous knitwear!

Benefits of a DGG Knitwear:

Loads of stretch to ensure a comfortable fit
Keeps neck & shoulders toasty warm
Allows full freedom of movement
Easy care and long-wearing
Won’t inhibit toileting
Stylish street presence

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